Wednesday, October 20, 2010

FSEN '11

Fourth International Conference on 
Fundamentals of Software Engineering 2011 
Theory and Practice 
(FSEN '11) 

Tehran, Iran 
April 20-22, 2011  

The Space and Motion of Communicating Agents

Robin Milner, Cambridge, 2009

Cours et exercices corrigés d'algorithmique

Vérifier, tester et concevoir des programmes en les modélisant,
Jacques Julliand
Vuibert, 2010

Utilise la notation B.

Death of Jean-Claude Laprie

Dear colleague,

With deep sadness we bring you the news of Jean-Claude
passing away after a battle with cancer, 
Saturday night (October 17).
The funeral arrangements are not settled yet. 
More information will be provided when

TSF group at LAAS

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Méthodes de spécification de systèmes temps réel en B


"B is a computer language designed by D. M. Ritchie and K. L.
Thompson, for primarily non-numeric applications such as system
programming. These typically involve complex logical decisionmaking,
and processing of integers, characters, and bit strings.
On the H6070 TSS system, B programs are usually much easier to
write and understand than assembly language programsj and object
code efficiency is almost as good. Implementation of simple TSS
subsystems is an especially appropriate use for B."

B vs. Coq to prove a Garbage Collector

Processus de validation basée sur la notion de propriété

Formal Methods in Safety-Critical Railway Systems

Vers une méthodologie de Validation et de Vérification multi-formelle des Interfaces Utilisateurs en milieu industriel

The Development of a Probabilistic B-Method and a Supporting Toolkit

Les bases du langage B

A formal specification of the javaByte code semantics using the B method

Using B Method to Formalize the Java Card Runtime Security Policy for a Common Criteria Evaluation

How to formally specify the Java Bytecode semantics using the B method

Formalisation and Veri¯cation of the GlobalPlatform Card Speci¯cation Using the B Method

ProB: An Automated Analysis Toolset for the B Method

Applying the B Formal Method to the Bossa Domain-Specific Language

Cooperation Between the B Method and the Automata Theory to Check the Component Interoperability

PBS, support of the B Method in PVS, Cesar Munoz, SRI

Component-based Development using the B method

Tutorial on the B method

The B Method for Programmers

The formal method known as B and a sketch for its implementation

Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho
Master's Thesis
in Information Technology (Software Engineering)
20th December 2002

Program Development by Refinement: Case Studies Using the B Method (Formal Approaches to Computing and Information Technology (FACIT))

Emil Sekerinski (Editor), Kaisa Sere (Editor)

Security of Computer Architectures, Jean-Louis Boulanger

Le dernier livre d'Umberto Eco en français 

Dall'albero al labirinto. Studi storici sul segno e l'interpretazione 

Studi storici sul segno e l’interpretazione

Autore: Umberto Eco  
Titolo: Dall'albero al labirinto. Studi storici sul segno e l'interpretazione  
Editore: BOMPIANI 
Pagine: 640 
Prezzo: 25,00 euro  
Anno prima edizione: 2007  
ISBN: 45259029

FM 2011 (20-24 June 2011, Limerick, Ireland): Call for Tutorials