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Investigation into the teaching of B worldwide

Investigation into the teaching of B worldwide

  The Questionaire
Where is B taught  ?
We would like to update the investigation carried out over a year ago by Marie Laure Potet.
Please fill in the following questionaire and return it to us.

University: B is taught in the following departments, on the following courses,
in the following years:
[So we can store as triples (Department, Course, year)]
Department: (E.g. Computer Science)
Course: (E.g. BSc Computer Science)
Year: (E.g. 1st, 2nd)
Duration of Course in lecture hours (e.g. 20 hours)
Do you use a tool? (If so which one?):
How long do the students spend using the tool in the lecturers presence?: (E.g. 20 hours)
Is B used in assignments (outside normal teaching hours)?:
What is the relation between the teaching of B and the teaching of mathematics and logic for IT:
Under which discipline is B taught (e.g. software engineering, programming etc.):
Name of course contact:
Email address:
Type of assessment (e.g. supervised project, group project, machine-based exam):
Have you written course notes?:
Would you be prepared to share them with colleagues?:
The responses to this questionaire have been provided by:
First Name:
Postal Address:
E-mail Address:
They are correct as of the date:
Please circulate to other interested parties.
H. Habrias.
We will send an analysis of the results of the questionaire to everyone who has filled one in.
The information provided will be available from one or several web sites. If you do not want your information to be made publicly
available then please do not provide it.
We abide by the freedom of information act.
Completed questionaires (and any questions) should be addressed to:
Henri Habrias
henri dot  habrias  at univ-nantes dot fr

The answers (2002 !)

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