Friday, April 30, 2010

Jean-Raymond Abrial, conference in Nantes on June 7, 2010

Jean-Raymond Abrial is invited for the 2010 conference.  The new book of J.R. Abrial will be available for the conference.


Prologue: faultless systems – yes we can!; Acknowledgements; 1. Introduction; 2. Controlling cars on a bridge; 3. A mechanical press controller; 4. A simple file transfer protocol; 5. The Event-B modeling notation and proof obligations rules; 6. Bounded re-transmission protocol; 7. Development of a concurrent program; 8. Development of electronic circuits; 9. Mathematical language; 10. Leader election on a ring-shaped network; 11. Synchronizing a tree-shaped network; 12. Routing algorithm for a mobile agent; 13. Leader election on a connected graph network; 14. Mathematical models for proof obligations; 15. Development of sequential programs; 16. A location access controller; 17. Train system; 18. Problems; Index.

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