Thursday, April 3, 2014

Case study, the landing system (suite)

ABZ'2014 Case study Track 
Accepted Papers 

Wen Su and Jean-Raymond Abrial. 
"Aircraft Landing Gear System: Approaches with Event-B to the Modeling of an Industrial System"

Dominik Hansen, Lukas Ladenberger, Harald Wiegard, Jens Bendisposto and Michael Leuschel. 
"Validation of the ABZ Landing Gear System using ProB"

Paolo Arcaini, Angelo Gargantini and Elvinia Riccobene. 
"Offline Model-based Testing and Runtime Monitoring of the Sensor Voting Module"

Paolo Arcaini, Angelo Gargantini and Elvinia Riccobene. 
"Modeling and Analyzing using ASMs: the Landing Gear System case study"

Amel Mammar and Régine Laleau. 
"Modeling a Landing Gear System in Event-B"

Philippe Dhaussy and Ciprian Teodorov. 
"Context-aware Verification of a Landing Gear System"

Bernard Berthomieu, Silvano Dal Zilio and Lukasz Fronc. 
"Model-Checking Real-Time Properties of an Airplane Landing Gear System Using Fiacre"

Richard Banach. 
"The Landing Gear Case Study in Hybrid Event-B"

Felix Kossak. 
"Landing Gear System: An ASM-based Solution for the ABZ Case Study"

Dominique Mery and Neeraj Singh. 
"Modelling an Aircraft Landing System in Event-B"

Vitaly Savicks, Michael Butler and John Colley. 
"Co-simulation Environment for Rodin: Landing Gear Case Study"

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