Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Jean-Raymond Abrial at ICTAC 2015

One ot the invited speakers :

Jean-Raymond Abrial

Consultant (France)

Jean-Raymond Abrial
Jean-Raymond Abrial is a French computer scientist, widely known as the co-inventor of various formal approaches to software specification: Z, B and Event-B.
He is the author of the "B-book" (Cambridge University Press, 1996), which presents the B-Method. More recently, he published the book "Modeling in Event-B: System and Software Engineering" (Cambridge University Press 2010). He was Guest Professor at ETH Zurich from 2004 to 2007, where he led the team developing the Rodin Platform tool for Event-B (funded by the European Project "Rodin"). After that, he was a researcher, also at ETH Zurich, working on the European Project "Deploy" until May 2009.
Jean-Raymond Abrial has been invited to give courses on formal methods in various Chinese Universities (Peking University in Beijing, East China Normal University in Shanghai). Before Zurich, he was a consultant for more than 20 years working in close contact with several industrial companies and universities around the world.

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