Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rodin User and Developer Workshop, 27-29 February 2012, Fontainebleau, France

Rodin User and Developer Workshop, 
27-29 February 2012, Fontainebleau,

Event-B is a formal method for 
system-level modelling and analysis. The
Rodin Platform is an Eclipse-based 
toolset for Event-B that provides
effective support for modelling 
and automated proof. The platform is open
source and is further extendable with 
plug-ins. A range of plug-ins have
already been developed including ones
that support animation, model
checking and UML-B.

The first Rodin User and Developer
Workshop was held at the University of
Southampton while the second took place 
at the University of Düsseldorf in
2010. The 2012 workshop will be part 
of the DEPLOY Federated Even hosted
by the LACL laboratory at IUT Sénart-Fontainebleau.
Fontainebleau is
within easy reach of Paris:

If you are interested in giving 
a presentation at the Rodin workshop, send
a short abstract (1 or 2 pages PDF) 
to by
        16 January 2012.

Attendance at the DEPLOY Federated 
Event (including the Rodin Workshop) is
open to all.


Michael Butler, University of Southampton
Stefan Hallerstede, University of Aarhus
Thierry Lecomte, ClearSy
Michael Leuschel, University of Düsseldorf
Alexander Romanovsky, Newcastle University
Laurent Voisin, Systerel

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