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Z twenty years on, What is its future? (1995)

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      Universit'e de Nantes - Ecole Centrale de Nantes 
                   with the assistance of  
  Institut Universitaire de Technologie (Dpt. Informatique) and 
  ``Software Engineering Methods Group''  of IRIN and 

         with the participation of the B User Group

              First Call for Communications

In the series of conferences : 
``Putting into Practice, Methods and Tools for Information System Design''

                    Z twenty years on 
                   What is its future?

               10th - 11th - 12th October 1995 
                      NANTES (France) 

One may consider J.R. Abrial's publication  ``Data Semantics'' in 1974, 
as the birth of what was to become the formal notation Z. Z was developed 
to its present stateat  Oxford's Programming Research Group. J.R. Abrial continued 
this work which led to the method B.

The general theme of this conference is ``Z and its future'' 
  Nowadays we find different forms of Z. What are their advantages and 

A great deal has been written on Z but what of its use for full scale
 How can Z be introduced into industrial information system design?
 What is the situation in comparison with semi-formal methods?
How can Z be introduced into an industrial way of thinking and industrial

Z is a notation for specification, but it is then necessary to produce program 
code.  What are the techniques which may be involved for the production of 
programs, from  Z specifications?

Proposals to present a paper, or demonstrate software, or  present 
a case-study,  should be submitted to H. Habrias at the address below.

4 copies of the proposals must be received  by 1st May 1995
(PostScript E-mail non-european contributions are accepted.)
Notification of acceptance 20 June 1995, final version due on 15 July. 
Themes :
 Methods for using Z, 
 Styles of specification,
 Comparing different versions of Z, and Z and B, 
 Comparing Z, B and other formal methods, 
 State based methods  and semi-formal methods,
 Supporting software tools, 
 Specification implementation, 
 Specification animation, 
 Reactive systems, 
 Estimation of the adequacy of the specifications, 
 Specification and certification
Articles concerning  applications to  industrial cases and pedagogic cases will be appreciated.
The conference will consist of a day of lectures and a day of  case-study presentations.

Languages : English and French.
The proceedings will be published.

Programme Committee : J.R. Abrial (Consultant, Paris, F), 
D. Bert (IMAG, Grenoble), J.P. Bowen (representative of the ZUM conference, 
Oxford University, G.B.), D. Buchs (E.P.F.L., Lausanne, CH), J.Y. Chauvet 
(Caisse Nat. D'assurance Viellesse, Tours, F), C. Choppy (LRI, Un. Orsay, F),
D. Garlan (Carnegie Mellon University, USA), M. Gondran (EDF, Clamart, F),
I. Hayes (University of Queensland, Australia), G. Laffitte (INSEE, Nantes, F), 
M. Lemoine (CERT-ONERA, Toulouse, F), D. Lightfoot (Oxford Brookes University, 
 F. Mejia (GEC-Alsthom, Paris, F), S.A. Schuman (Surrey University, G.B.), M. 
Weber (Technische Universitat, Berlin).

Organisation Committee : Software Engineering Methods Group of IRIN

IUT de Nantes
3 Rue du Marechal Joffre,
44041 NANTES Cedex 01 (France)
Tel : 33 40 30 60 52/60 53
Fax : 33 40 30 60 01/60 53
E-mail :

The proceedings for the years : 87, 88, 89, 90, 91 are available.
Lectures by J.R. Abrial, ``Introduction to the Method B'' are available 
on video cassettes lasting 6 hours, from Teknea, Toulouse.

Proceedings :

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